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About Us
Technicians are specialize in surfacing or finishing phases of the lens manufacturing process

At BM Optical Lab, we provide high-class products at very competitive rates to our customers. Our technicians and sales consultants work as a team to provide you with the best service.

After investigating the prescription lens background and finding nothing that can be considered as high standards, BM Optical Lab started to design and manufacture their own lenses. So they focused on creating the finest custom lens designs in exceptionally wide parameter ranges, all using the best materials available.

BM Optical continue to be obsessive about creating and production great custom and specialty prescription lenses and working with practitioners to solve challenging fitting situations.

Motivated by that inflexible vision, BM Optical Lab Ltd., for the last 20 years with a team of 18 people is responsible for the product superiority and exceptional service that the company has become known for.

We have an up to date optical lab, fully computerized and sticking on to the highest of production standards. Our lab is staffed by highly committed employees who realize our doctors' need for high quality ophthalmic lenses to be delivered promptly and perfectly.

With modern mechanizations, combined with personal approach to the customer service, we struggle to deliver the best in alternative and importance at the same time maintaining competitive pricing. We are having an award winning laboratory with computerization from very beginning to the end.

At BM Optical Lab Ltd., Jobs are distributed to the suitable robotic machine and to the suitable production technicians for exceptional quality control. The methods and practices used ensure perfect clearness on your patients' lenses. Simultaneously, we haven't lost the human touch as experienced staff examines every pair of lenses at each and every development point.