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extensive optical lens laboratory dedicated to provide excellent products, outstanding service

We, at BM Optical Lab Ltd, offer a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of customers at very competitive rates which is ensured to satisfy all your requirements related to the vision.


Production of Prescription lenses

With its standing of always keeping the latest technical advances in the industry, this forward looking company has grown to become one of the largest and most successful ophthalmic lens producers in Ontario..

Since 1993, BM Optical Lab specializes in the supply of prescription safety glasses.

• We offer a flawless service, taking your order & providing your glasses, delivering them direct to your door.

• By operating completely together with the latest in the industry, we are able to bring you the best value product of its kind in the industry. We have smaller overheads than high street retailers - the savings we make as a business can be passed on to you the customer through competitively priced products.

• Whether you are an individual or a safety officer in a large organization, we can act as a single source for all your prescription safety glasses. We are experienced in dealing with the needs of medium / large organizations with a large number of spectacle wearers. You can ask for more information on how we can provide you a modified service.

We do not offer any discount for bulk purchases, rather we simply offer one low price to all our customers.

• As prescription safety lenses is all we manufacture and sell, we are in a position to give you a deep information and advice which you would not ordinarily receive from a general spectacle provider. Our fully qualified technicians with over 20 years experience is always readily available to assist you in the most suitable choice of frame and lenses for your needs.

• We can provide extremely high prescriptions which would often otherwise not be possible in a safety spectacle.

• We struggle to provide the very best in customer service and it is not just our words. You can go through the reviews of our satisfied and delighted customers.


Lens Grinding

Best lenses are made by grinding the surface.

Various kinds of blockers are used for lens processing systems are:
• Base Alloy Blocker
• Eclipse Blocker
• Wax Blocker

Lens Grinding is performed at BM Optical Lab Ltd, in an ecologically responsible manner by using very ultra-modern wax blocker to block the lens and create today's lens designs more accurately and more watchful of the environment.

Using was blocker is economical as compared to alloy and it reduces the cost of making lens as the wax is much cheaper than alloy.

Lens Grinding by using ultra-modern wax blocker makes better quality lenses with less center thickness.

The wax blocker is used to hold each lens in place during the grinding and polishing processes. The technician then places each plank into the automated generator, a grinding machine that is set for the optical prescription. The generator grinds the appropriate optical curves into the back of each lens. After this step, the lenses must be fined and polished.

The front of each lens is then polished in a series of fining operations. First, each lens is rubbed against a rough fining pad made of soft sandpaper.

After the initial fining process is completed, the two pads are peeled off and thrown away and the lenses are soaked in hot water for few moments. The laps are then attached back on the lenses and placed in the fining machine where the final fining pad is attached. The fining machine rotates the pads in a circular motion while a polishing compound consisting of aluminum oxide, water and polymers flows over the lenses.

The technician selects the lens samples that matches the shape of the eyeglass frames and inserts the sample and the lenses into an edging machine. The machine grinds each lens to its proper shape and places a bevel around the edge of the lens so that the lens will fit the eyeglass frames. Water flows over the lens all through this process.


Lens Edging

A process of for edging an optical lens for conforming the optical lens to the size & shape of a lens frame into which the optical lens is to be accommodated and must involve

• Providing an optical lens having a convex surface, the convex surface being provided with an anti-marked top coat representing the optical lens unsuitable for edging.
• Fixing a mounting component on the convex surface of the optical lens, preferably on its center, by means of an paste pad sticking both to the mounting element and the convex surface of the optical lens to form a mounting element/optical lens assembly
• Placing the mounting element/optical lens assembly in a grinding machine so that the optical lens is definitely maintained
• Edging the optical lens to the intended size and shape, wherein, prior to step (b) of fixing the mounting element, the anti-smudge topcoat on the convex surface of the optical lens is pre-treated with a solvent selected from the group consisting of alkanols and dialkylketones under a mechanical stress.

The present creation relating to the field of edging optical lenses, such as ophthalmic lenses and more particularly coated ophthalmic lenses for conforming the lenses to the required dimensions and shapes of the lens frames in which they are projected to be accommodated.

The mounting of lenses in a frame is a little-known stage which requires leading-edge technology. This operation results in lenses which fit the shape and frame to perfection.

Various kinds of edging machines are used during the process of lens edging. We also use special machines for cutting the lens to adjust in as per the latest specification.

Lenses are checked for any cracks or chips that might prevent them from staying in the frame.

The lens is Inspected to make sure you have the correct lens for the eyepiece. You can hold both lenses over the frame to match up proper sides.

It is extremely essential that the ophthalmic lens be firmly and safety held during the edging step as an improperly executed edging step can ruin the ophthalmic lens.

We, at BM Optical Lab Ltd., also have new and most modern machines to cut all kinds of high wrap sports frames available in the market.


Whole Servicing Lab

We also take great delight in the comprehensive Lab Services we offer. Our respectful and dutiful staff of technicians has been doing the hard jobs for years. BM Optical Lab Ltd. is particularly proud of our high-tech surface and ultimate labs, and our new Anti-Reflective facility. This enables us to do All Lens materials in a fast and timely manner. We are in true sense a "Full- Service" Optical Laboratory.

We offer many diverse products and services:
• Eyeglass Cases
• Prescription Lenses
• Dispensing Tools
• Clip-On Sunglasses
• Overnight Shipping in Most Cases
• One of Very Few Labs to Offer a Full Range of Glass Lenses
• Online Job Tracking and Online Ordering
• Putting Tint on the lens